Welcome to St. James

Guided by the Catholic faith, St. James School is committed to assisting students to reach the fullness of Christian life by providing a complete educational experience developing their physical, moral, and intellectual talents.

La Escuela Católica de Santiago

La Escuela Católica de Santiago es guiado por una misión de desarrollar los estudiantes fiscalmente, intelectualmente, emocionalmente, espiritualmente, y moralmente. Llama la oficina para más información de inscribir a tus hijos en Santiago.

A Community of Faith and Learning

The benefits of a Catholic education have been studied and well-documented.  Results show that students who attend Catholic school receive a challenging, high-quality academic experience in a supportive environment, with an emphasis on Catholic values.  There is a strong partnership with parents, the first educators of their children.  The self-discipline developed by students, along with learning to accept responsibility and to respect others, work together to create excellent life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Una Comunidad de Fe y Aprendizaje

Una comunidad de fe y aprendizaje: los beneficios de una educación Católica han sido estudiados y bien documentados. Los resultados muestran que los estudiantes que asisten a la escuela Católica reciben una experiencia académica desafiante y de alta calidad en un ambiente de apoyo, con énfasis en los valores Católicos. Existe una fuerte asociación con los padres, los primeros educadores de sus hijos. La autodisciplina desarrollada por los estudiantes, junto con aprender a aceptar la responsabilidad y respetar a los demás, trabajan juntos para crear excelentes aprendices de por vida y ciudadanos responsables.

Open Enrollment!
St. James Catholic School is open for enrollment in all grades. If you are interested, please call or drop by the school office. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your child(ren), show you our school, and answer any questions you may have.
Please see our Admissions Page for fees and tuition information.
Mrs. Rolison, our school secretary, will be happy to assist you.
The office number is 503-472-2661.

The Larger Benefits:

“We chose St. James Catholic School for our children based on its reputation for academic excellence and the joint parent/teacher commitment to each child’s success. Our boys enjoy school, desire to work hard, and feel comfortable and respected within the St. James School community. When we first chose St. James, we didn’t fully realize the intangible benefits of belonging to it. It has strengthened our faith, brought our whole family closer to God, and helped us in living His values each day. This is a benefit that will extend beyond these primary years.”
– Tom and Cari Dorsh


The Caring Difference:

“St. James provided our daughter with a wonderfully supportive learning community where she was able to learn and thrive. The teachers and staff truly care about their students, and the small class sizes and well-structured program gave our daughter just what she needed. She loved her school, her teachers, and all her friends at St. James, and she greatly misses them now that we’ve moved out of state. St. James is a very special place!”
– David and Barb Lundbom



Mission at St. James Catholic School

The Mission of St. James Catholic School is to work in partnership with parents to provide a Christ-centered, safe, and creative environment for learning. Students grow toward their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical potential.